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Who is Sigmund Galloway? Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend And More Details

Sigmond Galloway, a seasoned jazz singer, gained significant attention largely due to his association with the renowned gospel vocalist Mahalia Jackson, whom he was once married to. Mahalia Jackson herself is celebrated as one of the most influential performers of the 20th century, particularly in the realm of gospel music.

Over the range of her striking forty-year vocation, Mahalia Jackson made a permanent imprint on the scene of gospel blues inside African American houses of worship. Her persevering through impact keeps on reverberating, forming the advancement of gospel music right up ’til now.

Who is Mahalia Jackson’s Ex-husband?

Sigmond Galloway was born on a warm May day in 1922, right in the heart of Wetumpka, Alabama. His parents, Randolph Galloway and Mary Lee Courtney, welcomed him into the world with open arms. Sigmond grew up alongside his sisters, Emma and Sylvia Christine, forming strong bonds with them as they navigated through life together.

Continuing in the melodic strides of his previous spouse, Mahalia, Sigmond tracked down his own enthusiasm in music, especially in jazz. He leveled up his abilities as a jazz craftsman in the dynamic scene of northern Indiana, where he emptied his entire being into his exhibitions, charming crowds with his smooth tunes and musical beats. Sigmond’s affection for music was obvious in each note he played, having an enduring impact on all who had the joy of paying attention to him.


Full NameSigmund Galloway
Birth DateMay 1922
Place of BirthWetumpka, Alabama, USA
ParentsRandolph Galloway (father), Mary Lee Courtney (mother)
SiblingsEmma Galloway (sister), Sylvia Christine Galloway (sister)
OccupationJazz Singer
Career LocationGary, Indiana, USA
Notable AssociationMarried to Mahalia Jackson (renowned gospel vocalist)
Marriage YearAround 1965
Marriage OutcomeDivorced in 1967
Net WorthEstimated between $500,000 to $1 million (approx.)
Ex-wife’s Net WorthMahalia Jackson – Estimated $24 million (at her death)
Death DateInformation not provided

Early Life

The pulsating beats of Alabama served as the backdrop for Sigmond Galloway’s first forays into music. He had deep roots there, having grown up surrounded by the vibrant tapestry of African American culture.

But when he made the move to Gary, Indiana—a move that would ultimately shape his musical career—the story took a significant turn as jazz chords awaited him.

Coming from Alabama laid the foundation for Sigmond’s profound connection with music, and this bond only strengthened as he settled in Gary, Indiana, the epicenter of jazz innovation. Amidst the vibrant sounds of the twentieth century, his musical notes seamlessly wove into the fabric of the city.

This relocation wasn’t just a change of address; it struck a transformative chord in his evolving musical repertoire.

The Marriage of Sigmond Galloway and Mahalia Jackson

In 1964, Mahalia Jackson and Sigmond Galloway ran into each other interestingly because of a few shared companions. It was a clamoring period for Jackson, with her shuffling various responsibilities and obligations. In the midst of the disorder, there was a moment association between them.

Despite being surrounded by friends, family, and colleagues, Jackson often found herself feeling alone. However, with Sigmond by her side, she discovered a sense of solace she hadn’t experienced before. Their bond deepened swiftly, and before long, they found themselves falling in love.

Their relationship blossomed rapidly, defying any expectations.Before adequately long, they chose to dive in and secure the bunch in a private service held squarely in Jackson’s comfortable family room. It was a shock to many, yet for Mahalia and Sigmond, it seemed like the most regular and wonderful thing on the planet.

Reasons for Their Separation

In 1952, Mahalia Jackson’s wellbeing experienced a plunge. She should set out traveling to Europe, however tragically, her heart fired misbehaving, leaving her inclination unwell. The specialists determined her to have heart issues, and this constrained her to drop her excursion.

Fast forward more than a decade later, Jackson’s health took another hit. She began experiencing constant coughing fits, which seemed to kick off after a concert in St. Louis. Around the same time, she had also tied the knot. But instead of basking in newlywed bliss, she found herself grappling with worsening health issues.

Despite her symptoms, some folks brushed it off as mere fatigue or strain on her heart. But Jackson knew something wasn’t right.Her condition disintegrated to where she needed to require all that to be postponed for a year to zero in on her recuperation. During this period, she shed a lot of weight and felt completely depleted.

To make matters worse, her husband, Sigmond Galloway, wasn’t exactly a pillar of support. He was rarely by her side and didn’t take her health concerns seriously. On top of that, he attempted to seize control of her business matters, leading to heated arguments and even instances of violence.

The situation hit rock bottom when Galloway sought a divorce, only to have his infidelity exposed in court. The legal battle ended in Jackson’s favor, with the court ruling against Galloway and denying him any share of her assets. Their marriage officially dissolved in 1967, marking the end of a tumultuous chapter in Jackson’s life, which she endured with strength and resilience.

Did Sigmond and Jackson share any children

Mahalia Jackson didn’t end up having kids with either her first husband or the former jazz musician. Due to her health struggles, like dealing with fibrosis and sarcoidosis, she had to undergo surgery to remove her uterus, which made it impossible for her to have children.

Life After Divorce

After his separation, Sigmond Galloway pursued a cognizant choice to withdraw from the spotlight and embrace a more confined way of life. He kept his own undertakings hidden from everyone else, leaving little hint of his heartfelt traps post-separate. It gave the idea that he valued the recollections of his past connections while unobtrusively exploring his later years from public investigation.

Preferring privacy over publicity, Sigmond maintained a low profile, shielding his life from prying eyes. Details of his companionship after the divorce remained elusive, hinting at a deliberate effort to safeguard his privacy. Despite the veil of secrecy, it was evident that he held onto the cherished moments of his past, finding solace in memories while carving out a tranquil existence away from the limelight.


Sigmond Galloway’s excursion into the universe of jazz music was a demonstration of his enthusiasm and skill. Initially from Alabama, he later got comfortable Gary, Indiana, where he tracked down his calling as a performer. Before his melodic interests, Galloway filled in as a manufacturer, however it was his adoration for music that eventually characterized his vocation.

At the heart of his story lies his marriage to Mahalia Jackson, widely regarded as one of the greatest gospel artists of the 20th century. Jackson’s influential 40-year career left an indelible mark on the world of gospel blues, particularly within African American churches. Despite the challenges of racial segregation, she achieved remarkable success, with an estimated 22 million records sold.

Jackson’s music transcended boundaries, resonating with audiences of all backgrounds. Her performances captivated listeners in concert halls worldwide, drawing admiration from diverse audiences, including those of mixed races and secular backgrounds. Through her artistry, she bridged divides and left an enduring legacy in the world of music.

Sigmond Galloway’s Jazz Career

Sigmond Galloway, the dearest jazz entertainer, was brought into the world in Alabama and spent his early stages there. In any case, it was in Gary Lake, Indiana, where he found his well established energy for music, denoting the start of his excursion as a vocalist. Prior to digging into the domain of music, Sigmond was submerged in the development business.

Filled by his adoration for jazz and soul, he at last developed into a praised performer. As time elapsed, his smooth voice and genuine exhibitions set his standing as one of the head jazz specialists of his age. Established in Alabama and sending off his melodic vocation in Indiana, Sigmond’s melodic heritage has risen above limits, resounding profoundly with crowds and making a permanent imprint with each deep version.

The Jazz Journey of Sigmond Galloway

Sigmond Galloway’s excursion into the universe of music started in the core of Alabama, where he previously found the wizardry of tunes as a kid. In any case, it was in the lively city of Gary Lake, Indiana, where his adoration for music genuinely bloomed. Growing up encompassed by the rich embroidery of sounds that swirled around, Sigmond tracked down comfort and motivation in the rhythms of jazz and soul.

Before he made that big appearance as an entertainer, Sigmond worked in the realm of development, his hands creating structures while his heart longed for something else. Music called to him like an alarm, drawing him away from the unexceptional of day to day existence and into the spotlight.

With each note he sang, Sigmond emptied his spirit into his exhibitions, his smooth voice winding around stories of adoration and yearning, satisfaction and distress. Crowds were charmed by his enthusiastic conveyance, his voice a vessel for feeling that rose above language.

As his notoriety spread, Sigmond turned into a signal of light in the realm of jazz, his impact arriving at a long ways past the boundaries of his old neighborhood. From humble starting points in Alabama to the splendid lights of Indiana and then some, Sigmond Galloway’s melodic excursion has contacted the hearts of many, making a permanent imprint on the universe of music with each sincere presentation.

Net Worth

Sigmond, the jazz performer, was generally one to avoid the spotlight when it came to his funds. He liked to keep things calm and never truly let the cat out of the bag on his accurate total assets. Individuals have hypothesized, however, placing his value some place in the vicinity of $500,000 to $1 million. In any case, you know how these suppositions go – they’re only rolls of the dice.

Now, Sigmond’s ex-wife, Jackson, well, she was a whole different story. She was a gospel singer, and boy, did she make it big. By the time she left this world, she had quite the fortune stashed away – about $24 million, give or take. She was living the high life, no doubt about it. But as for Sigmond, he was content to let his music do the talking, leaving the money talk to those who cared more about it.

Relationship and Marriage

Sigmond Galloway’s life went off in a strange direction when he encountered the famous Mahalia Jackson. Their association was moment, and in a flash, they were strolling down the passageway in a tornado sentiment that left everybody around them bewildered. Both hailed from melodic foundations, and their common love for music just extended their bond.

For a couple of joyful years, they treasured each other’s organization, however life had its own arrangements. Regardless of their astounding association in 1965, they never had kids together. The early long stretches of their marriage were eclipsed by Mahalia’s wellbeing battles, as she fought sarcoidosis and, surprisingly, endure a cardiovascular failure. These difficulties without a doubt put a burden on their relationship, restricting the time they could spend together.

As time elapsed, the distance between them developed, both genuinely and inwardly. In the end, they arrived at the sad place of understanding that they needed to head out in different directions. In 1967, they settled their separation, denoting the finish of their excursion as a wedded couple.

Their love story, though fleeting, continues to captivate hearts. It all began in Gary, Indiana, where Sigmond and Mahalia’s paths crossed through mutual friends. Despite Mahalia’s fame, her demanding schedule often left her feeling lonely, her previous marriage having left deep scars.

Sigmond’s kindness and warmth provided solace amidst Mahalia’s hectic life. Their whirlwind romance culminated in an impromptu wedding ceremony in Mahalia’s living room, surprising everyone involved.

Their hope was that this marriage would bring joy to Mahalia after the pain of her first marriage. However, reality proved to be different, and their relationship faced its own challenges, leading to their eventual separation.

Despite the ups and downs, the love between Sigmond Galloway and Mahalia Jackson remains a testament to the unpredictable nature of life and love.

His Ex-wife’s Death

Mahalia Jackson, affectionately called the Sovereign of Gospel Music, left us on January 27, 1972, because of a coronary episode. Her takeoff came as a shock to numerous in light of the fact that she kept on chasing after her enthusiasm for performing in spite of fighting a difficult disease. Few realized the gravity of her condition.

It’s worth mentioning that Mahalia Jackson had divorced Sigmond Galloway five years prior to her passing.


Sigmund Galloway, born in May 1922 in Wetumpka, Alabama, USA, was a jazz singer renowned for his association with the legendary gospel vocalist Mahalia Jackson, to whom he was once married. Despite their shared love for music, their marriage faced challenges due to Mahalia’s health issues and Sigmund’s alleged infidelity and lack of support. Their relationship ended in divorce in 1967.

Sigmund pursued a career in music, particularly in jazz, after moving to Gary, Indiana. He kept a low profile after the divorce, preferring privacy over publicity. His net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 to $1 million. Mahalia Jackson, his ex-wife, had a net worth of around $24 million at the time of her death in 1972.


Sigmund Galloway was born in Wetumpka, Alabama, USA, in May 1922.

He pursued a career as a jazz singer in Gary, Indiana.

Sigmund Galloway was married to Mahalia Jackson, a renowned gospel vocalist, around 1965. They divorced in 1967.

Despite their marriage, they did not have any children together.

Sigmund’s net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 to $1 million.

Mahalia Jackson, his ex-wife, had a net worth of around $24 million at the time of her death in 1972.

Sigmund Galloway chose to live a more secluded life after the divorce, away from the public eye.


Did Sigmund Galloway have children with Mahalia Jackson?

No, they did not have any children together.

What was Mahalia Jackson’s cause of death?

Mahalia Jackson passed away on January 27, 1972, due to a heart attack.

What was Sigmund Galloway’s occupation?

Sigmund Galloway was a jazz singer.

What was Mahalia Jackson’s net worth?

Mahalia Jackson had an estimated net worth of around $24 million at the time of her death.

Where was Sigmund Galloway born?

Sigmund Galloway was born in Wetumpka, Alabama, USA.

When did Sigmund Galloway and Mahalia Jackson divorce?

They divorced in 1967.

What is Sigmund Galloway’s estimated net worth?

His net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 to $1 million.

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