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Who is Lola Burr? Biography, Age, Early Life Family, Career, Net Worth & More Details

Let’s meet Lola Burr, the sweet daughter of the incredibly talented actress Nia Renee Hill and the beloved comedian Bill Burr. Despite her young age, Lola has already captured the hearts of many with her adorable presence. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, Lola not only brings joy to her parents but also to their countless fans.

It’s amazing to observe how her father’s funny style is slightly influenced by Lola. Bill Burr’s family-centric humor has become a staple of his routines, no doubt inspired by the priceless times he has with his little daughter. Lola’s influence on her father’s humor is endearing and clear, highlighting their unique relationship.

Let’s go deeper into the lives of this endearing young woman who has a bright future ahead of her. Lola has the capacity to succeed in life because of her upbringing and the affection that surrounds her.

Who is Lola Burr?

Lola Burr was born in 2017 in sunny California’s bustling metropolis of Los Angeles. Her parents are the accomplished actress Nia Renee Hill and the well-known stand-up comedian Bill Burr. Because of her parents’ well-known status, Lola was in the public eye even before she could walk.

With a significant age difference of 10 years between her parents, there were understandable concerns before Lola’s arrival. Bill Burr, her father, openly shared his worries about his ability to become a father at his age. He joked about feeling relieved that everything still worked as it should, expressing a humorous fear of having to resort to sci-fi methods for parenthood.

During Nia’s pregnancy, Bill’s apprehensions transformed into pure joy and anticipation. He eagerly looked forward to embracing fatherhood, cherishing the thought of finally having a little one to dote on.

Lola Burr Biography

Lola Burr, the beloved daughter of the multi-talented comedian, actor, and podcaster Bill Burr, fills her parents’ lives with immense joy alongside her mother, Nia Renee Hill.

Although Bill usually keeps Lola’s personal life private, preferring a quieter existence away from the constant spotlight, he can’t help but express his admiration for the profound impact his daughter has had on him. In a recent interview, he shared that fatherhood has been an incredible blessing, describing the experience as “amazing.” Despite their happiness, Bill and Nia do acknowledge a bit of regret about not starting their family sooner, waiting over a decade before welcoming their first child.

Lola Burr Early Life & Family

On January 20, 2017, in the heart of sunny Los Angeles, California, Lola Burr was born. Her folks are an incredible team: her father Bill Burr is a notable American entertainer while her mother Nia Renee Slope includes a great deal of humor with the blend as well. Lola has this intriguing mix of foundations – her father’s American and her mother’s African-American. It resembles a wonderful blend of societies right in one family.

She’s a Capricorn, which means she’s got that determined and ambitious spirit right from the get-go. And her birthstone? It’s the stunning ruby, adding a touch of sparkle to her life right from the beginning.

Now, at three years old, Lola’s probably keeping her parents on their toes, exploring the world around her with that natural curiosity kids her age tend to have. And hey, who wouldn’t want to explore the wonders of life with Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill as your guides?

The romance between Bill and Nia seems like it belongs in a romantic comedy. It seemed appropriate for two people who make other people laugh so much to meet at a comedy concert. They married in September 2013, so they must have gotten along fairly well. Just think of all the jokes and giggling that must be in their house!

Bill’s 48-year-old sonship is a trip unto itself. Hey, age is just a number, after all. You can also bet that when Lola gets older, she will have a ton of hilarious things to share because Bill Burr is her father.


Full NameLola Burr
Date of BirthJanuary 20, 2017
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, USA
ParentsBill Burr (father), Nia Renee Hill (mother)
SiblingsYounger brother (name undisclosed)
EthnicityAfrican American
Age7 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
EducationNot disclosed
CareerNot applicable (still young)
Net Worth (Parents)Bill Burr: $6 million
Nia Renee Hill: $1.5 million
Total Combined Net$7.5 million
(for Lola’s future endeavors)

Lola Burr Age

Lola Burr turned seven years old in 2024, having been born on January 20, 2017. Her dad, William Frederick Burr, was 49 when she came into the world, while her mom was 39. Lola’s birth came four years after her parents tied the knot, making her their first bundle of joy.

As she hits the age for elementary school, Lola’s parents have kept tight-lipped about her education. Whether she’s attending a regular school or getting homeschooled remains a mystery.

Lola Burr Ethnicity

Lola Burr, with her captivating beauty, is a lovely African American girl. Although she keeps a modest presence, you might stumble upon her now and then on Instagram, where she graciously shares glimpses of her life, giving fans a charming peek into her world.

Lola Burr Parents

Being in the spotlight is not an easy task, but Lola’s parents have worked really hard to reach this point. They all provide special abilities to the entertainment sector. After exchanging vows in 2013, they relocated to Los Angeles in order to have a family.

As Lola is still quite young, there isn’t much to say about her own wealth just yet. But her parents have certainly amassed a significant amount. Her father boasts a healthy $12 million in assets, while her mother’s wealth clocks in around $1.2 million, as of around 2021. Combine those, and you’ve got quite the nest egg for Lola’s future.

Even though the Lola Burr family does not currently have an official Instagram account, followers still admire them. As Lola gets older, we’re all excited to see what she will become. Like her parents, there’s a strong possibility she’ll leave her stamp on the business.

Lola Burr Siblings

Lola Burr holds the unique position of being both the eldest child and the only daughter of comedian Bill Burr. Despite having a younger sibling details about him including his name remain a mystery to the public.

Excitedly Bill Burr announced that he and his spouse Nia will be welcoming a second child in May 2020. Bill and his spouse have made their child’s birth public but they have made a conscious decision to keep him out of the spotlight. June 2020 saw the birth of their son. Their four-year-old is likely beginning to feel the advantages and challenges of preschool. Beyond that though his parents have chosen to keep his life a secret in order to preserve his privacy as he ages.

Lola Burr Career

In his earlier comedy acts, Bill Burr never held back from poking fun at marriage and parenting. But ever since Lola came into his life, there’s been a noticeable change in his comedic style. His newer specials are filled with heartwarming tales about his kids, showing just how much they mean to him now.

For instance, in “Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks,” he shared a touching story about how Lola’s cute remarks have this magical ability to calm his temper tantrums, instantly easing his frustration. And in the 2023 movie “Old Dads,” Bill played the role of, well, an old dad, further highlighting his deep connection to fatherhood both on and off the stage.

Lola Burr Net Worth

As Lola Burr is still young and hasn’t begun working it may be difficult to determine her current financial status. Her parents are handling their money rather well so there’s no reason to worry. With his ability to make people laugh Bill Burr has built up a solid comedic career and an estimated net worth of $6 million.

Nia Renee Hill on the other hand, makes about $1.5 million on her own thanks to her abilities as an entertainer writer and inventor. Together they ve established a strong financial basis for Lola’s future pursuits guaranteeing that she’ll have lots of chances to explore when she’s ready.


Lola Burr, the delightful daughter of comedian Bill Burr and actress Nia Renee Hill, was born on January 20, 2017, in Los Angeles, California. Despite her young age, Lola has already made an impact with her adorable presence. Growing up in a family deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry, she has captured the hearts of many.

Bill Burr, known for his stand-up comedy, openly shared his initial apprehensions about fatherhood due to his age, but those worries transformed into pure joy upon Lola’s arrival. Lola’s influence on her father’s humor is evident, with Bill often incorporating anecdotes about fatherhood into his routines.

Lola is of African American descent, born under the Capricorn zodiac sign with a birthstone of ruby, symbolizing determination and ambition. Her parents, Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill, have worked hard to provide a loving environment for her upbringing.

At seven years old in 2024, Lola’s education details remain undisclosed, and she may be attending regular school or receiving homeschooling. She also has a younger brother, whose details are kept private by her parents to preserve his privacy.

Despite her young age, Lola’s future seems promising, with her parents amassing a combined net worth of $7.5 million, ensuring financial stability for her future endeavors.


Who are Lola Burr’s parents?

Lola Burr is the daughter of comedian Bill Burr and actress Nia Renee Hill.

When was Lola Burr born?

Lola Burr was born on January 20, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Does Lola Burr have any siblings?

Lola Burr has a younger brother, whose details are kept private by her parents to maintain his privacy.

What is Lola Burr’s ethnicity?

Lola Burr is of African American descent.

What is the net worth of Lola Burr’s parents?

Bill Burr has an estimated net worth of $6 million, while Nia Renee Hill’s net worth is around $1.5 million, resulting in a combined net worth of $7.5 million for Lola’s future endeavors.

What is Lola Burr’s current age?

As of 2024, Lola Burr is seven years old.

What is Lola Burr’s birthstone and zodiac sign?

Lola Burr’s birthstone is the ruby, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

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