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Chris Distefano Wife: Biography, Age, Early Life, Family, Career, Net Worth & More Details

Chris Distefano Wife

Meet Energetic Distefano, previously known as Jasmine Canuelas. She’s not only your typical wellness lover; she’s an American force to be reckoned with in the domain of wellbeing and health. Whether it’s driving extraordinary twist classes, shaking out in Zumba meetings, or coordinating powerful gathering wellness schedules, Lively’s ability radiates through.

But what sets her apart? It’s her infectious energy and innovative approach to fitness. Jazzy is the brains behind the Jazzymethod, a revolutionary workout program that blends music seamlessly with exercise, making sweating it out feel more like dancing at a party.

Beyond her fitness accolades, Jazzy’s heart lies in helping others, particularly women struggling with postpartum depression. Drawing from her own experiences, she’s a beacon of hope, offering not just sympathy but practical support and resources to those navigating similar challenges.

In a world where wellness trends come and go, Jazzy Distefano is a constant force, inspiring others to live healthier, happier lives one workout and one supportive message at a time.

Who is Chris Distefano?

Chris Distefano, otherwise called Vivacious, truly sparkles with her dynamic character and profound associations with her family and legacy. She’s experienced a few difficult stretches, such as losing her father, yet she’s transformed those difficulties into wellsprings of solidarity. Her process has been tied in with tracking down versatility and backing from her friends and family. With her irresistible enthusiasm and commitment to remaining sound, she resembles a directing light for anybody hoping to work on their prosperity.

Chris Distefano Biography

Meet Lively Distefano, a dynamic health master hailing from the clamoring roads of Brooklyn, New York. With a rich embroidery of American culture woven into her childhood, Lively gladly commends her Hispanic roots.

Raised by her loving parents Liz and Edwin Canuelas, Jazzy’s childhood was shaped by love and resilience. Her father, a dedicated worker at Lutheran Medical Center, instilled in her valuable lessons of perseverance and compassion until his untimely passing on a somber January day in 2018. Despite this loss, Jazzy found strength in her family, leaning on her two cherished siblings—a brother who walked alongside her through life’s journey, and a sister named Jessica, whose unwavering support serves as a constant inspiration.

Through life’s ups and downs, Snazzy’s unyielding soul sparkles splendidly, offering direction on wellbeing and wellbeing to all who look for her insight.

Chris Distefano Early Life

Chris Distefano entered this world on a hot August day back in ’84, right in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Life threw him a curveball early on when his parents, Tony and Donna, split while he was still a young buck. So, it was mostly his mom who held down the fort and raised him. His dad, Tony, well, let’s just say he had a bit of a wild streak—into motocross racing and dabbling in some shady stuff like gambling.

Growing up, Chris tracked down his furrow at Diocese supervisor Molloy Secondary School in Sovereigns. That is where he found his talent for letting out jokes and carrying smirks to individuals’ appearances. Secondary school was where he understood he had this regular ability for making people giggle, and he went for it.


Full NameChris Distefano
Date of BirthAugust 26, 1984
Place of BirthBrooklyn, New York City
Age38 years old
HeightApproximately 5 feet 11 inches
WeightNot disclosed
ParentsTony (father, details undisclosed), Donna (mother, details undisclosed)
SiblingsNot publicly known
SpouseLively Distefano (previously known as Jasmine Canuelas)
Children– Delilah (born in 2015) – Violette (born in 2021) – Stepson Tristan (from Lively’s previous relationship)
Career– Started in NYC comedy scene in 2009 – Appeared on MTV’s “Guy Code” and “Girl Code” – Featured on late-night talk shows – Released comedy specials on various platforms
Net WorthEstimated at $43 million
Social MediaActive on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, sharing comedic content, family moments, and updates on projects

Chris Distefano Age

Brought into the world on August 26, 1984, in the clamoring roads of Brooklyn, New York City, Chris Distefano is presently 38 years of age. Experiencing childhood in Brooklyn, Chris has prevailed upon the hearts of numerous with his charming exhibitions and speedy mind. His irresistible enthusiasm and beguiling presence have pushed him into the spotlight, making him a rising star in Hollywood.

Chris’ capacity to flawlessly progress among parody and show has left crowds enamored by his ability. Drawing motivation from his Brooklyn roots, he powers his inventive fire with the rich encounters and energetic culture of his old neighborhood.

From humble starting points to becoming perhaps of the most sought-after performer in the business, Chris has progressed significantly. As he commends one more year on August 26th, fans anxiously expect his forthcoming ventures. One thing is sure – Chris Distefano’s star power keeps on sparkling splendidly in the realm of diversion.

Chris Distefano Height & Weight

Chris Distefano stands at around 5 feet 11 inches tall, but he’s kept his weight under wraps. You can’t miss him with his brown hair and piercing green eyes.

Chris Distefano Married Life

Chris Distefano and Snazzy Distefano have been happily married since around 2019. Their love story began back in 2014, and since then they’ve been inseparable. Their relationship is built on love respect and shared values making them a strong team.

Their family is a beautiful blend, with Chris and Snazzy being proud parents to two lovely daughters Delilah born in 2015 and Violette who joined the family in 2021. But their love extends beyond blood ties. Chris embraces Snazzy’s son Tristan from a previous relationship as his own cherishing him as an integral part of their family unit.

Their life together is a tapestry woven with laughter, love, and cherished moments. They often share snippets of their joyous journey through online platforms, giving glimpses into their happy and vibrant family life.

Chris Distefano Parents

Chris Distefano grew up in the bustling streets of New York City his journey into the world unfolding without much fanfare. While most know him for his comedic prowess and vibrant personality the details of his family background remain a mystery. His parents’ names are a secret and any mention of siblings is notably absent from public knowledge. Despite this air of uncertainty surrounding his personal life Distefano’s path from the streets of Brooklyn to the comedy stages of the big city is a testament to his resilience and unwavering determination.

Chris Distefano Career

Chris Distefano is genuinely a comedic amazing powerhouse. He started off his excursion in the energetic parody scene of New York City back in 2009. It wasn’t some time before he scored huge with MTV’s “Fellow Code” and “Young lady Code,” where his silly interpretation of connections hit home for crowds and procured him broad recognition.

His charm and quick wit didn’t go unnoticed, landing him coveted spots on major late-night talk shows like “Late Show with David Letterman” and “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” catapulting him even further into the spotlight.

In any case, it’s not only his television appearances that grandstand his ability. His satire specials, as “Chris Distefano: Size 38 Midsection,” civility of Fun times TV in 2019, and “Speshy Weshy,” which hit Netflix separates 2022, really feature his dynamic presence in the parody world. With these achievements added to his repertoire, there’s no denying his status as a top-level entertainer.

Chris Distefano Net Worth

Chris Distefano, the diverting joke artist from New York, has been causing disturbances in the parody scene, and that’s what his ledger mirrors. At only 34, he’s now amassed an expected total assets of $43 million. That is serious stuff! His abundance comes from long stretches of difficult work and devotion to his art, procuring snickers and fans en route.

Chris’ ascent to outcome in parody has been a remarkable excursion. From beginning in neighborhood clubs to now featuring sold-out shows, he’s demonstrated how him can be a comedic amazing powerhouse. His sharp mind and engaging humor have charmed him to crowds the nation over.

But it’s not just his stand-up gigs that have contributed to his fortune. Chris has also dabbled in acting and hosting, further boosting his income. With appearances on various TV shows and comedy specials, he’s cemented his status as a versatile entertainer.

At the point when he’s not in front of an audience or before the camera, Chris partakes in the better things throughout everyday life. From extravagance vehicles to luxurious get-aways, he’s carrying on with his best life on account of his well deserved achievement. Yet, regardless of his riches, he stays sensible and appreciative for the open doors that have come his direction.

With his vocation indicating that things are not pulling back, any reasonable person would agree that Chris Distefano’s monetary future is looking splendid. Who knows, perhaps that $43 million is the ideal start for this parody sensation!

Chris Distefano Relationship

Thus, there’s been some buzz via online entertainment recently proposing that Chris Distefano could have sealed the deal. Rumors from far and wide suggest that his significant other goes by the name Lively Distefano. To jump further into the universe of Chris Distefano, then, at that point, this post may very well have what you’re searching for.

Chris Distefano Children

Chris Distefano beams with pride whenever he talks about his two daughters, Delilah and Violette. Delilah, the older of the two, was born in 2015, while Violette joined the family in 2021, bringing even more joy into their lives. Alongside his own biological children, Chris is also a loving stepfather to Tristan, Jazzy’s son from a previous relationship. Together, they make a happy and tight-knit family, full of love and laughter.

Chris Distefano Social Media

Chris Distefano loves to keep his fans engaged and associated through his dynamic presence across web-based entertainment stages like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. On the off chance that you plunge into his Instagram feed, you’ll find a great blend of ridiculous previews, inspiring family minutes, scraps from his satire gigs, and charming in the background looks into his life.

At the point when you bounce over to his Twitter channel, prepare for a rollercoaster of chuckling with Chris’ clever perceptions, ideal updates on what’s going on the planet, and invigorating declarations about his impending undertakings. Whether he’s telling wisecracks or sharing his most recent undertakings, Chris knows how to keep his devotees drew in and engaged across the advanced scene.


Birth and Early Life: Chris Distefano was born on August 26, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York City. Raised by his mother, Donna, details about his father, Tony, remain undisclosed.

Career Beginnings: He entered the comedy scene in 2009, quickly gaining popularity with appearances on MTV’s “Guy Code” and “Girl Code,” showcasing his humorous take on relationships.

Television Appearances: Chris has been featured on major late-night talk shows like “Late Show with David Letterman” and “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” further solidifying his presence in the entertainment industry.

Comedy Specials: He has released comedy specials such as “Chris Distefano: Size 38 Waist” and “Speshy Weshy,” available on platforms like Netflix and Comedy Central.

Net Worth: With an estimated net worth of $43 million, Chris has earned his wealth through stand-up comedy, acting, and hosting endeavors.

Personal Life: Chris is married to Lively Distefano (formerly Jasmine Canuelas). They have two daughters together, Delilah (born in 2015) and Violette (born in 2021), and Chris embraces Lively’s son Tristan from a previous relationship as his own.

Social Media Presence: Active across various platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, Chris shares comedic content, family moments, and updates on his projects, keeping his fans engaged.


Chris Distefano, born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1984, is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, particularly known for his comedic prowess. Rising to fame through appearances on MTV and late-night talk shows, he has solidified his status as a versatile entertainer with successful comedy specials and a significant net worth. Beyond his professional achievements, Chris cherishes his family life with his wife Lively and their children, maintaining an active presence on social media to connect with his fans.


Who is Chris Distefano? 

Chris Distefano is a comedian and entertainer known for his appearances on MTV’s “Guy Code” and “Girl Code,” as well as various late-night talk shows. He has released comedy specials and has a significant presence on social media.

What is Chris Distefano’s net worth?

 Chris Distefano’s net worth is estimated to be around $43 million, accumulated through his career in stand-up comedy, acting, and hosting.

Who is Chris Distefano married to?

 Chris Distefano is married to Lively Distefano, formerly known as Jasmine Canuelas. They have two daughters together, Delilah and Violette, and Chris embraces Lively’s son Tristan from a previous relationship as his own.

What are Chris Distefano’s notable career achievements?

 Chris Distefano gained prominence through his appearances on MTV, late-night talk shows, and his comedy specials. He has successfully transitioned between comedy and acting, showcasing his versatility as an entertainer.

Where can I find Chris Distefano online? 

Chris Distefano is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, where he shares comedic content, family moments, and updates on his projects.

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