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Jim Larranaga’s Wife? Bio, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth, Family And More

Jim Larrañaga’s better half, Liz Larrañaga, used to function as a real estate agent in New York however has since resigned.Together, they have two sons, Jon and Jay Larrañaga. Basketball has been a central part of their family’s life.

Jim, who currently coaches the Miami Hurricanes men’s team, was once a basketball player himself during his college days at Providence School. He later transitioned into coaching, a path his sons also followed. His elder son pursued basketball both in the US and Europe, and he’s now serving as an assistant coach to Tyronn Lue for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Then again, his more youthful child, Jon, used to play as a forward for the George Bricklayer Loyalists. Jim has been profoundly associated with training b-ball for north of 40 years, with over 30 years spent as a lead trainer in Division I programs.

In 2011, Larrañaga assumed the job of lead trainer at the College of Miami, where he’s been instructing from that point forward. As of now, Jim and his group, drove by champion player Isaiah Wong, are equipping to confront the UConn Huskies, instructed by Danny Hurley and known for their intense protection. The way to the NCAA Title is testing, yet with Jim’s essential hostile strategies, they have a decent opportunity.

Summary of Liz Larranaga’s Marriage

Liz and Jim’s romantic tale started with an opportunity experience at a neighborhood noble cause occasion. Their underlying association bloomed into a profound and persevering through bond, based on common regard, shared dreams, and an immovable obligation to each other. Throughout the long term, Liz and Jim’s marriage has been a demonstration of the force of adoration, flexibility, and the conviction that together, they can conquer anything.

Who is Liz Larranaga?

Liz Larranaga used to function as a realtor in New York, yet she’s as of now not in that calling. She’s most popular as the spouse of James Joseph Larraaga, who’s been instructing men’s ball at the College of Miami since around 2011. Before becoming a coach, James himself was a college basketball player.

Liz Larranaga: Bio Summary

Liz Larranaga is the devoted partner of the remarkable basketball coach Jim Larranaga. Her unfaltering help and understanding play had a significant impact in her better half’s prosperity on the court. In the background, Liz has developed a one of a kind quality, overflowing with achievements, interests, and a significant obligation to having a constructive outcome.


Experiencing childhood in New Jersey, Liz Larranaga had the honor of being brought up in a warm and cherishing family that imparted in her the upsides of difficult work, diligence, and the significance of schooling. In the wake of moving on from school with a degree in Business Organization and a minor in Land, she set out on a promising vocation in the business, quickly laying down a good foundation for herself as a rising star.


In her initial undertakings, Liz showed a sharp tender loving care, a skill for building significant associations, and an ability for discussion. Her devotion and mastery in the land business have procured her a standing as a gifted proficient, perceived for her capacity to explore many-sided exchanges with artfulness and her steadfast obligation to her clients’ prosperity.


As Jim journeyed through his training career from Bowling Green to George Bricklayer and finally to the College of Miami, Liz was always there by his side. They raised two children together, instilling in them the values of hard work, resilience, and the pursuit of their dreams.

Net worth

Although Liz keeps her exact assets private, her successful career in real estate and her long-standing marriage to the highly accomplished basketball coach Jim Larranaga hint at considerable wealth amassed over the years. Past her profession and individual life, Liz Larranaga’s actual inheritance lies in her devotion to having a constructive outcome on her general surroundings. Whether through her contribution in magnanimous undertakings or her mentorship of young ladies and understudy competitors, she fills in as a motivation to every individual who crosses her way.

Who are Jim Larranaga’s Parents?

Jim Larrañaga’s folks, Eileen and John Larrañaga, were significant figures in his day to day existence, assuming crucial parts in forming his childhood. Eileen, who comes from the energetic neighborhood of the Bronx, New York, was Jim’s anchor as he experienced childhood in that equivalent clamoring city. Although details about their professions are scarce, it’s known that John held a position in the insurance sector, likely at a managerial level.

Their unwavering support and nurturing played a significant role in Jim’s basketball journey. Their guidance and encouragement undoubtedly fueled his passion and determination on the court, laying the foundation for his success in the sport.

In Summary:

Jim Larranaga is an unmistakable figure in the realm of b-ball, prestigious for his training profession, especially with the Miami Tropical storms men’s group. He has a rich foundation in b-ball, having been a player during his school days and later progressing into training. Larranaga has spent north of 40 years engaged with b-ball, with over 30 years as a lead trainer in Division I programs.

In 2011, Larranaga assumed the job of lead trainer at the College of Miami, where he has since made critical commitments to the group’s prosperity. His training procedures and authority have been instrumental in directing his group through different difficulties, incorporating contending in the NCAA Competition.

Off the court, Larranaga’s own life is set apart by serious areas of strength for him with his better half, Liz Larranaga, and their two children, Jon and Jay. Liz, a previous realtor, has been a steady accomplice all through Jim’s profession, while their children have likewise sought after b-ball, with one filling in as an associate mentor for the Los Angeles Trimmers.

Larranaga’s folks, Eileen and John Larrañaga, assumed crucial parts in molding his childhood and supporting his b-ball venture. Their impact and support added to Jim’s prosperity both on and off the court.


Who is Jim Larranaga?

Jim Larranaga is a highly accomplished basketball coach known for his tenure with the Miami Hurricanes men’s team. He has over 40 years of experience in basketball, including playing during his college days and coaching at various levels.

What is Jim Larranaga’s coaching career like?

Larranaga has had a distinguished coaching career, with over 30 years spent as a head coach in Division I programs. He took on the role of head coach at the University of Miami in 2011 and has since led the team through numerous challenges, including competing in the NCAA Tournament.

Who is Liz Larranaga?

Liz Larranaga is Jim Larranaga’s wife. She used to work as a real estate agent in New York but is currently not practicing in that profession. Liz has been a supportive partner to Jim throughout his career, while also raising their two sons.

What is Jim Larranaga’s family like?

Jim and Liz Larranaga have two sons, Jon and Jay. Both sons have been involved in basketball, with one serving as an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Clippers. The Larranaga family’s life has been centered around basketball, with a strong emphasis on hard work and dedication.

What role did Jim Larranaga’s parents play in his life?

Jim Larranaga’s parents, Eileen and John Larrañaga, were instrumental in shaping his upbringing and supporting his basketball journey. Their unwavering support and guidance fueled Jim’s passion and determination on the court, contributing to his success in the sport.

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