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Who is Kevin Selleck? Biography, Age, Early Life, Career, Net Worth And More 

In media outlets Kevin Selleck has genuinely established himself on account of his famous exhibitions in movies and TV programs. His huge break came in 1980 with the hit TV program Magnum private investigator where he left an enduring effect on watchers.

Following that, he kept advancing his career, securing parts in well-known movies including 1997’s Scream 2. How he has continued to be relevant in the industry for such a long time is very astounding.

In addition to his career, Kevin comes from an intriguing background. His path in Hollywood has undoubtedly been influenced by the fact that he is the well-known father’s son. Not to be overlooked is his personal life; she gives his tale an additional layer of depth.

In general, Kevin Selleck’s career net worth and personal life depict someone who has succeeded in the entertainment industry while enduring the highs and lows that come with being well-known.

Who is Kevin Selleck?

American actor and singer Kevin Selleck was born in the country in 1966, adding yet another bright light to the American entertainment constellation. Being the famous actor Tom Selleck’s son who is recognized for his iconic performances in television and movies as well as his own path to success in the profession is not the only thing that makes him unique.

Being the son of a Hollywood star Kevin’s life has been in the public eye from the beginning but he didn’t want to live off of his father’s success. Rather he dedicated himself to the art perfecting his acting and singing abilities. Kevin proved he’s more than simply a well-known last name by showcasing his flexibility in TV series and films via commitment and hard effort.

Rather than following in his father’s footsteps his story is about blazing his own trail and offering his own talents to the world. In the entertainment industry Kevin Selleck is a living example of skill tenacity and the value of uniqueness.

Kevin Selleck Biography

Kevin Selleck’s biological father is a bit of a mystery. His mother Jacqueline Ray was married to a man named Shepard in the 1960s and they had Kevin before separating when he was young. Then, Jacqueline married the actor Tom Selleck who adopted Kevin as his own son. Tom and Jacqueline were together for around eleven years before splitting up in 1982 but Tom remained an important figure in Kevin’s life.

As for Tom Selleck himself, yes, he does have a biological child. After his divorce from Kevin’s mother, Tom married Jillie Mack. They have a daughter named Hannah Margaret Selleck, who chose a different path from her famous family. Instead of pursuing acting like her dad and grandma, she’s into equestrian sports.

Kevin Selleck Childhood & Education

Kevin Selleck came into the world in 1966 originally as Kevin S. Shepard. His mom Jacquelin Ray was an American model and actress while his dad was Shepard. But life threw some curveballs his way early on. His parents split when he was just a little kid. Luckily his mom found love again with none other than Hollywood heartthrob Tom Selleck. They tied the knot in 1970, and Tom officially became Kevin’s dad, raising him like his own.

But, as they say life isn’t always a fairy tale. Tom and Jacquelin’s marriage hit the rocks, and they parted ways in 1982. Jacquelin found love once more with Clarence Barry Witmer tying the knot in 1992. And that’s when Kevin gained a new half-sister Umeko. Meanwhile, Tom found his happiness with British actress Jillie Mack, and they welcomed Kevin’s stepsister Hannah Margaret Selleck.

Now, let’s talk academics. Kevin headed off to the University of Southern California with dreams of becoming a volleyball star.


Full NameKevin Selleck
Birth Year1966
ParentsBiological father: Unknown<br>Mother: Jacqueline Ray<br>Adoptive father: Tom Selleck
SiblingsHalf-sister: Umeko Ray (from Jacqueline Ray’s later marriage)<br>Stepsister: Hannah Margaret Selleck (from Tom Selleck’s marriage to Jillie Mack)
SpouseAnnabelle Selleck
ChildrenMultiple children (number unspecified)
Height6 feet 3 inches
Weight63 kilograms
OccupationActor and singer
Notable Work– TV: Magnum P.I.<br>- Film: Scream 2<br>- Music: Lemon March album (1996)
Net WorthEstimated between $1 million and $18 million (as of 2022)<br>Varied sources and financial fluctuations may affect actual value
EducationAttended University of Southern California with aspirations of becoming a volleyball star
Personal Life– Married to Annabelle Selleck<br>- Shares children with Annabelle<br>- Close relationship with Tom Selleck<br>- Half-sister: Umeko Ray<br>- Stepsister: Hannah Margaret Selleck
Career Highlights– Successful acting career in TV and film<br>- Platinum-selling music album<br>- Known for versatility and dedication in both acting and music

Kevin Selleck Age

Kevin Selleck born in 1966 in the U.S. has become a recognizable figure in both acting and music circles. Now at 58 he brings with him a wealth of experience accumulated over the years. Growing up in America he witnessed and participated in a myriad of fascinating events shaping his perspective and talents.

Having gone through a very long time at the center of attention Kevin is no more unusual to being before the camera or enrapturing crowds with his music. He talks affectionately of the excursion he’s voyaged recognizing the difficult work filled engaging and making critical music for his fans. As time passes his profundity of information and expertise just keep on developing mirroring a lifetime devoted to his art.

Kevin Selleck Weight

Kevin Selleck stands tall at 6 feet and 3 inches making him quite the presence in any room. Imagine walking through a doorway and meeting eyes with him He has a lean build weighing in at 63 kilograms, akin to a sizable dog. With his dark brown hair a hue commonly found and warm brown eyes Kevin possesses a classic charm.

His height isn’t just a physical attribute it’s a part of his identity especially in the realm of entertainment. Whether on television or the big screen Kevin’s towering stature easily catches attention setting him apart from the crowd. His physique is no surprise considering his background in college volleyball a sport where height often reigns supreme. His appearance with those matching brown eyes and hair adds to his appeal both on and off-camera creating a striking presence in photos and on-screen.

Kevin Selleck Wife

Kevin Selleck and Annabelle Selleck are happily married, sharing a bond not just in love but also in their careers. Annabelle like Kevin has made her mark in the entertainment industry. You might recognize her from her work on the TV series All Saints where she contributed behind the scenes as a wardrobe assistant and part of the costume department.

Their love story doesn’t stop there; they’re also proud parents to several children adding even more joy and love to their lives. It’s wonderful to see a couple not only find success together but also build a beautiful family.

Kevin Selleck Sister

Born on December 16 1988 to Tom Selleck and Jillie Joan Mack Hannah Margaret Selleck has left her imprint in the world of horseback riding. She has carved out a career for herself despite being the renowned actor’s daughter by dominating in equestrian jumping events. She is more than simply a famous person’s kid her commitment and skills demonstrate that she is a competent professional in her own right.

On the other side there’s Umeko Ray, Jacqueline Ray’s daughter from a previous relationship. Umeko has lived a more private life compared to her half-brother Kevin. While her story might not be as publicized it’s a reminder that not all paths lead to the spotlight. Each member of the family has followed their own journey, influenced by their shared background but ultimately making their own choices.

It’s a testament to the diversity of experiences within the same family, showing that despite common roots, individuals can take vastly different paths in life.

Kevin Selleck Career

Kevin Selleck’s process through acting and music has been a remarkable experience Not just has he graced our screens with essential exhibitions but on the other hand he’s a capable performer. Back in 1996 he and his band hit a significant achievement with the arrival of their presentation collection Lemon March.

The album was a massive hit selling enough copies to earn platinum status, which means it was loved by over a million fans! One standout track If You Could Only See soared up the charts, peaking at number 11 on the prestigious Billboard list in the United States. That’s no small feat—it’s like hitting the big leagues in the music world.

Kevin’s ability to write memorable songs and captivate crowds with his band demonstrates his flexibility outside of the performing world. It is quite impressive and says volumes about his talent and commitment that he is able to create music that so many people can relate to. Kevin’s work is all the more intriguing to follow because of his path, which is full with these unique situations.

Kevin Selleck Net Worth

In 2022 Kevin Selleck was believed to have a net worth of roughly $18 million mainly from his career in music and acting. His success in the entertainment industry along with involvement in various projects in acting production and business contributed to this wealth.

Yet, there were also estimates pegging his net worth at about $1 million. This could suggest differences in income sources or how his wealth was calculated over time. Kevin has kept a low profile, especially concerning his personal and financial matters, which might explain why there are varying estimates of his net worth.

It’s worth noting that Kevin has encountered financial hurdles before. For instance in 2011 a credit card company secured a judgment against him for an unpaid debt of $6,000. These ups and downs could add to the complexity of assessing his true financial standing.


Birth and Family Background: Kevin Selleck was born in the United States in 1966. His biological father’s identity remains unknown, but his mother, Jacqueline Ray, later married actor Tom Selleck, who adopted Kevin. He has a half-sister, Umeko Ray, from his mother’s later marriage, and a stepsister, Hannah Margaret Selleck, from Tom Selleck’s marriage to Jillie Mack.

Career Highlights: Kevin has had a successful career in both acting and music. He gained recognition for his role in the TV series “Magnum, P.I.” and appeared in notable films such as “Scream 2.” Additionally, his music album “Lemon March,” released in 1996, achieved platinum status, with one of its tracks reaching number 11 on the Billboard charts.

Personal Life: Kevin is married to Annabelle Selleck, who has also worked in the entertainment industry. They have several children together. He maintains a close relationship with his adoptive father, Tom Selleck, despite his parents’ divorce when he was young.

Physical Attributes: Kevin stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall, with a lean build. He has dark brown hair and warm brown eyes, which contribute to his classic charm and striking presence on screen.

Net Worth: Estimates of Kevin’s net worth vary, with figures ranging from $1 million to $18 million as of 2022. He has encountered financial challenges in the past, such as a judgment against him for unpaid debt in 2011.


Kevin Selleck, born in 1966 in the United States, is a prominent figure in both acting and music circles. He is known for his roles in TV shows like “Magnum, P.I.” and films like “Scream 2,” as well as for his platinum-selling music album “Lemon March.” Despite being the son of Hollywood star Tom Selleck, Kevin has forged his own path in the entertainment industry, showcasing his talent and dedication. He is married to Annabelle Selleck and has a family of his own, while also maintaining a close relationship with his adoptive father.


Who is Kevin Selleck?

Kevin Selleck is an American actor and singer known for his roles in TV shows and films, as well as for his music career. He is the son of actor Tom Selleck, though his biological father’s identity remains unknown.

What are Kevin Selleck’s notable works?

Kevin is known for his role in the TV series “Magnum, P.I.” and his appearance in the film “Scream 2.” He also achieved success in music with his platinum-selling album “Lemon March.”

What is Kevin Selleck’s net worth?

Estimates of Kevin’s net worth vary, with figures ranging from $1 million to $18 million as of 2022. His wealth primarily comes from his career in acting and music, though he has encountered financial challenges in the past.

Who is Kevin Selleck married to?

Kevin Selleck is married to Annabelle Selleck, who also works in the entertainment industry. They have several children together.

What is Kevin Selleck’s relationship with Tom Selleck?

Tom Selleck, a renowned actor and Kevin’s adoptive father, has remained an important figure in Kevin’s life despite his parents’ divorce when he was young. They maintain a close relationship.

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