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Who is Kim Carton? Biography, Personal Life, Family, Career, Net Worth & More Details

Who is Kim Carton?

Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania is home to well-known American entrepreneur Kim Carton. She is well-known for being Craig Carton’s wife, a well-known name in the broadcasting industry. Craig, brought into the world in 1969, acquired notoriety as a co-host of the Boomer and Container public broadcast and later drove the well known “Container Sports” program on WFAN from 2007 to 2017.

When Craig was confronted with significant legal issues, their lives took a dramatic turn. In September 2017, he was captured and accused of wire misrepresentation and protections extortion because of his contribution in a show pass Ponzi plot that duped financial backers of more than $5 million. This difficulty finished in April 2019 when Craig was sentenced for these violations.

Craig received a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence and a three-year probationary period. Kim never wavered in her support for Craig during this trying time. Their story is a moving illustration of how unpredictable life can be and how a strong relationship can help overcome adversity.

Kim Carton Bio

From a young age, Kim’s drive for independence and success carved out a distinctive path for her. Her determination led to numerous achievements, establishing her as a remarkable and successful individual in her own right.

Meeting Craig was a pivotal moment in Kim’s life. Their connection was instant, and their bond grew stronger over time. Together, they faced many challenges, building a resilient family bond that highlights their enduring love and commitment.

Kim isn’t just a dedicated accomplice and mother yet in addition profoundly dedicated to local area administration. Her efforts to give back to the community have had a significant impact, leaving behind a legacy of kindness and generosity that speaks volumes about her character.


NameKim Carton
FortuneApproximately $4 million
Achievements– Successful businessperson
– Notable presence in the digital world
Philanthropy– Dedicated supporter of various charitable causes
– Significant impact on her community
Drive– Devoted to both her community and business
– Constantly strives for improvement
Impact– Financial prosperity
– Enriches the lives of others
Success– Succeeds in both professional and philanthropic

Kim Carton Age

Kim Carton, born in 1975 in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania, is 48 years old as of 2023. While her exact birth date isn’t publicly known, we’ll update you with that detail as soon as it becomes available.

Kim Carton Height

Kim Carton is about 5 feet 8 inches tall, which is around 172 centimeters or 1.72 meters. She weighs approximately 56 kilograms, or about 123 pounds.

Kim Carton Personal life

Introduced by a mutual friend, Craig and Kim Carton quickly formed a strong connection that blossomed into love, eventually leading to their marriage. While the exact date of their wedding remains unclear, their union was marked by deep affection and companionship.

However, their marriage faced significant trials when Craig encountered serious legal troubles and was sentenced to prison. Amidst these challenges, Kim made the difficult decision to file for divorce, and in 2019, they went their separate ways.

Kim Carton Family

Kim Carton grew up in a loving and close-knit family, surrounded by warmth and affection. She cherishes many fond memories from her early years, spent in their spacious backyard and comfortable home with her parents, younger brother Alex, and sister.

Her mother, a compassionate nurse, was a particular idol for Kim. Always ready to console and heal those in need, her mother’s kindness left a lasting impression on Kim, who admired her generosity deeply.

Kim’s father, a dedicated teacher, made learning an exciting adventure. His patience and creativity not only ignited Kim’s curiosity but also nurtured her love for knowledge.

Kim shared a special bond with her younger brother, Alex. Along with their energetic dog, Buddy, they embarked on countless adventures in their backyard, building forts and chasing butterflies.

Her folks imparted in Kim priceless examples about benevolence, compassion, and the significance of schooling. She learned and developed through family outings and library visits, which helped shape her into the compassionate and dedicated person she is today.

Kim profoundly values the adoration and backing of her family and fortunes the recollections of her young life. Their direction has enabled her to have a constructive outcome on the world.

Kim Carton Career

Kim Container had lofty goals from a young age. Enchanted by the marvels of nature, she spent her school days drenched in finding out about plants and animals, tracking down euphoria in catching their excellence through drawing and painting. Over the long run, her interest with creatures developed, driving her to seek after a lifelong in veterinary medication.

Kim poured herself into her studies, delving deep into the realm of animal care. As she entered college, her passion only intensified, and she worked tirelessly to achieve her goal.

Following quite a while of difficult work and assurance, Kim understood her deep rooted fantasy about turning into a veterinarian. But her goals didn’t stop there; she wanted to have an even bigger impact. Chipping in at a creature cover, she devoted herself to finding cherishing homes for canines and felines out of luck, going through her days really focusing on and giving places of refuge to these creatures.

Though she cherished her work at the shelter, Kim felt a deeper calling to share her knowledge. Becoming an educator, she passionately taught others about the importance of animal welfare and environmental conservation.

Kim’s story is one of seeking after dreams, benevolently offering in return, and having a beneficial outcome on the world. She turned her childhood goals into reality through hard work and unending love, encouraging others to follow their passions and make a difference.

Kim Carton Net Worth

Kim Carton has amassed an impressive fortune of approximately $4 million and her path to success is nothing short of remarkable. As a business person, she has cut her position in the computerized world through canny business procedures and a significant comprehension of the web-based scene.

However, Kim’s drive extends beyond financial gain. She is a dedicated philanthropist, channeling her wealth into supporting various charitable initiatives that have made a significant impact on her community. Through her unwavering commitment to giving back, Kim has not only improved her own financial situation but has also enriched the lives of those around her.

Kim’s example of overcoming adversity is a demonstration of her devotion to both her local area and her business tries. She has not only achieved financial prosperity but has also made a significant impact on the lives of others by leveraging her influence in the digital realm and her entrepreneurial skills. With her constant assurance to impact the world to improve things, Kim keeps on succeeding in both her expert and magnanimous pursuits.

Kim Carton  Children

Kim and Craig Carton take great pride in their personal and professional accomplishments and revel in the joy of their home’s laughter and warmth incessantly. As given and steady guardians, they focus on their youngsters regardless of anything else, establishing a supporting climate that cultivates development and prosperity.

Kim dedicates significant time to her children, actively participating in their daily lives and creating cherished memories. She expertly balances her career and family life, ensuring her children always feel loved and cared for.

For Kim and Craig, their kids are a wellspring of pride as well as the actual heart of their joy. Their obligation to raising kind, caring, and fruitful people mirrors the profound love and commitment they have for their loved ones.


Background: Kim Carton was born in 1975 in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania.

Family: She grew up in a loving and close-knit family, which included her parents, younger brother Alex, and sister.

Education: Kim initially pursued a career in veterinary medicine, driven by her passion for animals and nature.

Career Change: Despite achieving her dream of becoming a veterinarian, Kim felt a deeper calling to share her knowledge and became an educator, focusing on animal welfare and environmental conservation.

Marriage: Kim Carton married Craig Carton, a well-known figure in the broadcasting industry, after meeting through a mutual friend.

Supportive Partner: Despite Craig’s legal troubles and subsequent prison sentence, Kim stood by him, demonstrating her commitment and loyalty.

Philanthropy: Kim is deeply committed to giving back to her community, supporting various charitable causes and initiatives.

Entrepreneurship: Kim has found success as a businessperson, particularly in the digital realm, leveraging her understanding of online platforms and savvy business strategies.

Net Worth: Kim has amassed a fortune of approximately $4 million through her entrepreneurial endeavors.


Kim Carton’s life journey is marked by resilience, compassion, and dedication. From her early aspirations in veterinary medicine to her career transition into education and entrepreneurship, Kim has consistently pursued her passions and made a positive impact on her community. Her unwavering support for her husband, Craig Carton, during challenging times showcases her strength of character and commitment to her loved ones. Through her philanthropic efforts and business acumen, Kim has not only achieved financial success but also enriched the lives of those around her.


Who is Kim Carton?

 Kim Carton is an American entrepreneur known for her philanthropy and successful business ventures. She is also the wife of Craig Carton, a prominent figure in the broadcasting industry.

What is Kim Carton’s net worth?

 Kim Carton has amassed a fortune of approximately $4 million through her entrepreneurial endeavors.

What is Kim Carton’s background? 

Kim Carton was born in 1975 in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania. She initially pursued a career in veterinary medicine before transitioning into education and entrepreneurship.

How did Kim Carton meet Craig Carton?

 Kim Carton met Craig Carton through a mutual friend, and their connection quickly blossomed into love, eventually leading to marriage.

What philanthropic efforts is Kim Carton involved in?

 Kim Carton is dedicated to supporting various charitable causes and initiatives in her community, channeling her wealth into making a positive impact on those in need.

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