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Ivan Cornejo Height, Age, Biography, Career, Net Worth And More


Ivan Cornejo, a skilled performer and vocalist from Mexico, has in short order become a rising star in the Latin music scene. Regardless of his childhood, at only 17 years of age, he’s as of now causing disturbances with his amazing melodic ability. His excursion to notoriety has been completely great, and he’s accomplished various achievements in a strikingly short measure of time. With his snappy hits and enthralling exhibitions, Ivan has caught the hearts of fans all over the planet, cementing his situation as one of the most youthful and most encouraging craftsmen in the business.

Ivan Cornejo Height & Weight

Ivan Cornejo conducts himself with a strikingly conditioned build that says a lot about his devotion to remaining fit. Remaining at an unobtrusive level of around 5 feet 6 inches, he oozes a quality of certainty and balance any place he goes. At 19 years old, Ivan keeps a solid load of around 56 kg, a demonstration of his obligation to a decent way of life.

His hair, a rich shade of dim brown, approaches his face with an energetic energy, while his profound, enrapturing earthy colored eyes attract you with their glow and profundity. Ivan’s fashion awareness is perfect, and he takes extraordinary consideration in his preparing, guaranteeing he generally puts his best self forward.

 However, past his appearance, Ivan has an appeal and magnetism that easily charms people around him. Whether he’s dramatic or essentially blending in a group, he has an approach to having an enduring effect on everybody he meets.

Who is Ivan Cornejo?

Hailing from Mexico and presently causing disturbances in the US, Ivan Cornejo has in practically no time turned into a commonly recognized name across the computerized world. At only 19 years of age, he’s caught hearts with his ability displayed on stages like Instagram and TikTok. From infectious short melodic organizations to enamoring covers, Ivan’s flexibility as a YouTuber, vocalist, lyricist, entertainer, and guitarist has won him broad recognition.

TikTok has been instrumental in Ivan’s journey to stardom, serving as a springboard for his rapid ascent. His hit singles like “Noche de Relajo,” “El Greñas Mentado,” and “Corazón Frío” have only solidified his position as a rising musical sensation. With each video, whether it’s a lip-sync or a short cover, Ivan continues to mesmerize audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the digital landscape and establishing himself as a social media influencer.

Ivan Cornejo Bio

Ivan Cornejo, brought into the world on November 1, 2004, turned 18 of every 2023. Hailing from Riverside, California, he’s well established in his old neighborhood. Ivan follows the way of Christianity, tracking down comfort and direction in his confidence. Glad for his American ethnicity and Mexican legacy, Ivan exemplifies a rich mix of societies. With Scorpio as his Zodiac sign, he oozes characteristics of enthusiasm and assurance. As of now living in the US, Ivan easily explores among English and Spanish, exhibiting his familiarity with the two dialects.

Ivan Cornejo Childhood

Meet Ivan Cornejo, a 19-year-old naturally introduced to a Mexican family in Riverside, California. Experiencing childhood in the States, Ivan is familiar with both English and Spanish, because of his social foundation. Since he was a youngster, he’s had an enthusiasm for music, going through incalculable hours singing and playing instruments. His fantasy? To leave an imprint in human expressions industry.

Despite being pretty open about his love for music, Ivan tends to keep his personal life private. It seems like he’s an only child, but he doesn’t share much about his family or upbringing. Nevertheless, his talent and dedication speak volumes about his potential in the music scene.

Ivan Cornejo Wiki

Full NameIvan Cornejo
Age19 years old (as of 2024), born on June 5, 2004
BirthplaceRiverside, California, USA
Zodiac SignGemini
HeightApproximately 5 feet 6 inches
WeightAround 56 kg
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorDeep brown
LanguagesFluent in English and Spanish
CareerRising star in the Latin music scene, singer, songwriter, guitarist, social media influencer
Notable Singles“Noche de Relajo”, “El Greñas Mentado”, “Corazón Frío”, “Esta Danada”
Notable Albums“Alma Vacia”
Record LabelManzana Records, Interscope Geffen A&M Records
Net WorthEstimated around $2 million
RelationshipSingle, heterosexual, keeps personal life private
Social MediaActive on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook; has over 226K followers on Facebook and 1.2 million on Instagram
EducationLikely in high school, no specific details available

Ivan Cornejo Education

While Ivan Cornejo hasn’t shared a lot of about his schooling or capabilities, taking into account his age, it appears to be reasonable that he’s in secondary school. A few people figure he may be self-taught, yet there’s no strong data on that yet. His tutoring circumstance is still somewhat of a secret until he chooses to let the cat out of the bag!

Ivan Cornejo Age

Brought into the world on June 5, 2004, Ivan Cornejo hails from Riverside, California, US. A Gemini by zodiac sign, Ivan, presently 19 years of age in 2024, spent his young life years in the warm hug of Riverside, close by his siblings. His folks, Alfonso and his mindful mother, gave a steady climate where Ivan could prosper.

In the clamoring city of Riverside, Ivan’s initial years were set apart by the affection and direction of his loved ones. His dad, Alfonso, took a stab at Burrtec, while his mom committed herself to dealing with the family with affection and devotion.

Experiencing childhood in such an energetic climate, Ivan’s energy for diversion started to bloom. It was clear even from his more youthful years that he had a skill for spellbinding crowds. Much to his dismay that this energy would lead him to turn into a sensation on TikTok.

In spite of his newly discovered distinction and achievement, Ivan has always remembered his foundations. Riverside stays near his heart, filling in as a steady sign of where he came from and the qualities imparted in him by his childhood.

Through his excursion from a Riverside youngster to a TikTok star, Ivan’s story is a demonstration of the force of enthusiasm, devotion, and remaining consistent with one’s foundations.

Ivan Cornejo Personal life

At just 14 years old, Ivan Cornejo kicked off his musical journey by sharing guitar videos on TikTok, strumming his favorite tunes. To his delight, his videos garnered tons of views and likes, quickly catching the eye of Andres Garcia, the President of Manzana Record. Before he knew it, Ivan had inked a deal with the label.

He wasted no time in expanding his reach, uploading his music to platforms like Spotify and YouTube. Currently, he boasts around 14 tracks to his name. One song, “Esta Danada,” became a sensation, earning praise and amassing a following on TikTok and Instagram.

“Esta Danada” climbed the charts, peaking at No. 7 on the Hot Latin Songs list and making a respectable entry at No. 96 on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100. Ivan’s debut album, “Alma Vacia,” made waves too, debuting at an impressive No. 2 on the Billboard Regional Mexican Albums chart. Notably, he joined the ranks of the youngest performers to grace the Billboard charts since Atrapado En Un Sueno. Tracks from his hit album, “Noche de Relajo a Corazon Frio,” also enjoyed a stint on the Top 20 chart.

Ivan Cornejo Career

Ivan Cornejo burst into the limelight thanks to a TikTok post featuring his hit single, “Está Dañada,” which quickly gained over 2.1 million followers. This marked the start of his journey to stardom back in 2021, as the song became a favorite among users for their video uploads.

Since early on, Ivan had a profound love for music. He started exhibiting his abilities by posting guitar covers on TikTok when he was only 15 years of age. His incredible skills caught the eye of Andres Garcia, president of A&R Manzana Records in Houston. Garcia recognized Ivan’s songwriting abilities and wasted no time in signing him to the label in 2021.

The release of his debut album, “Alma Vacía,” caused quite a stir in the music scene. It got the second right on target the US Announcement Provincial Mexican Collections diagram and arrived at number seven on the Top Latin Collections outline. Commended by The New York Times as truly outstanding in its kind, Ivan’s ability for songwriting impelled him to the highest point of the Board Latin Lyricists outline on October 30, 2021.His growing influence also landed him a feature in Billboard magazine’s Artist on the Rise column that same year. With a strong presence on social media, Ivan even made it to the 61st position on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In June 2022, Ivan arrived at one more achievement when his collection “Está Dañada” took off to number one on the Local Mexican Collections diagram. It likewise asserted the fourth right on the money the Top Latin Collections outline and the 28th spot on the Bulletin 200 diagram. This unimaginable achievement prompted a significant declaration on August 9, 2023, when Ivan affirmed his marking with Interscope Geffen A&M Records.

Ivan Cornejo Net Worth

It’s been whispered around that Ivan Cornejo might be sitting on a cool $2 million in his bank account, thanks to his diverse career as a singer, songwriter, and social media influencer. You see, Ivan’s not just your average artist. He’s got this knack for connecting with people, both through his music and his online presence. It’s like he’s found the perfect recipe for success in the entertainment world and on social media.

Through his snappy tunes and drawing in posts, Ivan’s figured out how to cut out a perfect balance for himself. Fans can’t get enough of him, whether he’s belting out another hit or sharing scraps of his everyday existence on the web. And all that consideration? All things considered, it’s most certainly taken care of in the bank division.

So yeah, Ivan’s not just making waves in the music scene; he’s also raking in the dough and making a name for himself as one of those influential figures you just can’t ignore. And with his talent and charm, it’s no wonder his net worth keeps on climbing.

Ivan Cornejo Relationship

Ivan Cornejo, a popular figure with a substantial following, prefers to keep his romantic life under wraps. He straightforwardly recognizes as hetero and is right now single. In spite of his distinction, he’s chosen to keep a degree of protection, deciding not to uncover insights concerning his previous connections or individual life to the media. Ivan hasn’t shared his ideal partner preferences publicly either. While he undoubtedly receives attention from admirers, he’s chosen to keep his romantic inclinations private for now.

Ivan Cornejo Social Media

Ivan Cornejo is truly dynamic via virtual entertainment, you know? He’s all over the place – Facebook, Instagram – and so on. What’s more, get this, he has over 226K devotees on Facebook and an incredible 1.2 million on Instagram! That is insane, correct? Be that as it may, hello, it’s nothing unexpected thinking about how he interfaces with his fans. He’s continuously posting refreshes, sharing his music, and giving us a look into his life. It resembles having a companion who’s likewise a whiz. Ivan’s truly got a skill for keeping us drew in and feeling like we’re a piece of his excursion. With such a solid presence on the web, it’s reasonable he’s not only a performer, he’s a computerized powerhouse as well.


Ivan Cornejo, a rising star in the Latin music scene, has in practically no time acquired popularity with his ability exhibited on stages like Instagram and TikTok. At only 19 years of age, he’s now causing disturbances with infectious hits and enthralling exhibitions. With a level of around 5 feet 6 inches and weighing roughly 56 kg, Ivan radiates certainty and appeal any place he goes. His energy for music began very early in life, and he’s accomplished various achievements in a surprisingly short measure of time.


Early Career on TikTok: Ivan kickstarted his musical journey at 14 by sharing guitar videos on TikTok, quickly gaining attention.

Record Deal:His ability got the attention of Andres Garcia, prompting an arrangement with Manzana Records.

Hit Singles:Ivan’s singles like “Noche de Relajo” and “Esta Danada” acquired broad prominence, procuring him a great many supporters.

Billboard Success:His presentation collection, “Alma Vacia,” appeared at No. 2 on the Bulletin Local Mexican Collections outline.

Net Worth:Ivan’s different vocation as a vocalist, musician, and virtual entertainment powerhouse has added to an expected total assets of $2 million.

Personal Life: Ivan keeps his own life hidden, avoiding the chance unveil insights regarding his connections or childhood.


What is Ivan Cornejo’s height and weight?

Ivan remains at roughly 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 56 kg.

What are Ivan Cornejo’s notable singles?

A portion of Ivan’s outstanding singles incorporate “Noche de Relajo,” “Esta Danada,” and “El Greñas Mentado.”

What is Ivan Cornejo’s net worth?

Ivan’s surveyed complete resources is around $2 million, acknowledged to his thriving as an entertainer, lyricist, and virtual diversion amazing powerhouse.

Is Ivan Cornejo in a relationship?

Ivan likes to keep his heartfelt life hidden and has not freely unveiled any insights concerning his connections.

What languages does Ivan Cornejo speak fluently?

Ivan is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Where is Ivan Cornejo from?

Ivan was brought into the world on November 1, 2004, in Riverside, California, USA. He distinguishes as Mexican-American.

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