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Family Ties: Exploring the Lives of Eva Longoria and Her Three Sisters

Eva Longoria’s Siblings Ranked Oldest to Youngest

Eva Longoria is an American entertainer, maker, and chief, most popular for her job as Gabrielle Solis on the hit television series Frantic Housewives and as Isabella Braña in the drama The Youthful and the Fretful. Naturally introduced to a Roman Catholic family, Eva’s folks, Ella Eva and Enrique Longoria Jr., assumed a critical part in her childhood, however not many freely had some significant awareness of them.

Eva grew up communicating in English and learned Spanish just in 2009. Her initial years were set apart by major areas of strength for an ethic, as she went through her teen years working at Wendy’s to bring in cash for her quinceañera. Thinking about this period, Eva once said, “I was unable to stand by to get to work and bring in my own cash.”

Eva Longoria was not by any means the only star in her family; she grew up close by three more seasoned sisters, every one of whom assumed an exceptional part in her life. This article will acquaint you with Eva Longoria’s kin, positioned from most seasoned to most youthful, giving a brief look into their lives and the unique bond they share.

4. Elizabeth Judina Longoria (October 11, 1966 – Present)

Current Age (as of February 2023): 56 years, 90 days, 28 days

Origin: Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Elizabeth Judina Longoria, frequently called Liza, is the oldest of the Longoria kin. Brought into the world in 1966, she has affected Eva’s life. Elizabeth was brought into the world with a scholarly handicap, which enlivened Eva to turn into the giver she is today. Eva frequently talks about how her sister has shown her sympathy and modesty.

During a discourse at the HollyRod Establishment’s 21st yearly DesignCare celebration in July 2019, Eva shared, “That is truly where the entirety of my generosity and good cause work comes from, carrying on with an existence with Liza and someone like Liza.” Eva reviews a strong second when somebody took Elizabeth’s coat. Regardless of being disturbed, Elizabeth answered with striking compassion, saying, “Someone who probably been cold.” This episode epitomizes the significant examples in generosity and understanding that Elizabeth gives.

3. Emily Blevins (August 19, 1969 – Present)

Emily Blevins is the second-most established sister of Eva Longoria. Brought into the world in 1969, not many freely had some significant awareness of Emily’s life. Nonetheless, it is obvious that she has kept a nearby bond with her kin, frequently supporting Eva in her different undertakings. Emily, similar to her sisters, values protection however is a fundamental piece of the affectionate Longoria family.

2. Esmeralda Josephina Traube (November 7, 1972 – Present)

Esmeralda Josephina Traube, known as Esme, was brought into the world in 1972. She wedded Scott Traube in 2005, and past this, not much is freely archived about her life. Esme’s marriage and everyday life remain moderately private, yet she is a basic piece of the Longoria relational intricacies. Her presence is many times seen during critical family occasions and achievements.

1. Eva Longoria (March 15, 1975 – Present)

Eva Longoria, the youngest person from her family, was brought into the world in 1975. She encountered youth in Corpus Christi, Texas, where she went to optional school and later enrolled at Texas A&M School Kingsville to focus on kinesiology. During her school years, Eva partook in neighborhood magnificence exhibitions, bringing home the championship of Miss Corpus Christi USA.

After graduation, Eva’s vocation took a critical turn when she partook in an ability challenge that drove her to Los Angeles. She was before long seen by a dramatic specialist, and her acting profession started to prosper. Eva’s most memorable television work was a visitor job on Beverly Slopes, 90210 of every 1999. Her vocation soared from that point, with eminent jobs in motion pictures, for example, The Baytown Fugitives, Not without a fight, and Rita Moreno: Simply a Young lady Who Chose to Take the plunge. She additionally showed up in a few television series, including General Clinic, George Lopez, and Welcome to the Family.

Eva’s accomplishments stretch out past acting. She facilitated Saturday Night Live and the MTV Europe Music Grants in 2010, and featured in music recordings as Martin Ricky’s “Shake Your Bon,” Jessica Simpson’s “A Public Issue,” and Alejandro Sanz’s “Desde Cuando.” All through her profession, Eva has won numerous honors, including two Individuals’ Decision Grants, a Screen Entertainers Organization Grant, and a Bambi Grant.

Personal Life and Relationships

Eva’s own life has seen its piece of ups and downs. She was first hitched to performer Tyler Christopher from 2002 to 2004. Not long after their partition, Eva met NBA star Tony Parker, and they married in 2007.. Tragically, their marriage finished in separate in 2010. Considering this period, Eva said, “I didn’t understand it at the time with Tony, yet I had turned into my form of a frantic housewife.”

Regardless of the mishaps, Eva found love again with José Antonio Bastón Patiño, a Mexican money manager who filled in as the leader of Televisa, the biggest media organization in Latin America. The couple took part in 2015, wedded in 2016, and invited their most memorable youngster in 2018.

Their Names All Begin with the Letter “E”

Eva Longoria and her sisters, Esmeralda, Elizabeth, and Emily, share a novel family custom: every one of their names start with the letter “E.” This custom stems from their mom, Ella Eva, who wedded Enrique Longoria Jr. furthermore, proceeded with the similar sounding word usage design set by her own mom. Eva once made sense of, “That’s what my mother did. Furthermore, my mother decided to proceed with it. My mother’s family all begin with an ‘E.’ Every one of my aunties, Elda, Elsa, Edna… There’s nine of them. Insane.”

They Weren’t Taught Spanish as Kids

Regardless of their Mexican legacy, Eva and her kin were not shown Spanish as youngsters. Eva uncovered on the Not Thin However Not Fat web recording that Spanish is really her third language, after English and French. She learned Spanish as a grown-up, making sense of, “[My parents] communicated in Spanish to one another, however they didn’t show us Spanish.” The choice was impacted by cultural tensions at that point, which stressed digestion and the significance of not having an emphasis.

Their Favorite Childhood Pastime Was Hunting with Their Dad

Growing up, Eva and her sisters invested a great deal of energy outside, figuring out how to chase, fish, and live off the land. Their dad, Enrique Longoria Jr., a farmer and mechanical specialist, showed them these abilities. Eva affectionately reviews, “[I’ve been] hunting with my father since I [was] six. I can deal with a firearm. I could skin a deer, I could skin a pig. I can cull quail — and so on, I’ve done it.”

Liza Was Born with an Intellectual Disability

Elizabeth “Liza” Longoria was brought into the world with a scholarly inability, a reality that fundamentally formed Longoria’s day to day’s life. Eva has frequently spoken about what Liza’s condition meant for her own humanitarian endeavors. During an appearance on Kerry Washington’s YouTube series, Road You Experienced childhood with, Eva shared, “[The doctors] told my folks she won’t ever walk, she won’t ever talk, she won’t ever have an inclination… what’s more, she’s probably going to die extremely early.” In spite of these expectations, Liza has flourished and presently drives a satisfying existence with a task and a beau.

Eva’s obligation to magnanimity is well established in her encounters with Liza. She told Individuals, “We sort of experienced childhood in her [Liza’s] world and that implied chipping in a ton, and that implied realizing local area projects and it recently implied rewarding individuals we never knew.” This childhood propelled Eva to commit a critical piece of her profession to beneficent work.

Eva and Her Sisters Didn’t Resemble Each Other as Kids

Eva frequently kids about not looking like her sisters during their life as a youngster. While Esmeralda, Elizabeth, and Emily were brought into the world with light hair and hazel eyes like their mom, Eva had dark hair and dim eyes. She hilariously was nicknamed “la prieta fea” (the revolting dull one) by her family, a pet name that in any case featured the actual contrasts among her and her sisters.

They Are Eva’s Biggest Supporters

Regardless of carrying on with somewhat confidential existences, Eva’s sisters have forever been her greatest allies. They have been close during huge minutes, like the Worldwide Gift Affair in Marbella, Spain, in 2017, and Eva’s Hollywood Stroll of Acclaim enlistment in 2018. Their unfaltering help highlights areas of strength for the bond that has forever been a foundation of Eva’s life.

Facts :

  1. Full Name: Elizabeth Judina Longoria
  2. Nickname: Liza
  3. Birthdate: October 11, 1966
  4. Birthplace: Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
  5. Age (as of February 2023): 56 years
  6. Condition: Born with an intellectual disability
  7. Influence on Eva Longoria: Elizabeth inspired Eva’s philanthropic efforts and taught her compassion and humility.
  8. Significant Moment: When someone took Elizabeth’s coat, she responded with understanding and empathy, saying, “Someone who probably has been cold.”


Eva Longoria, best known for her roles in “Desperate Housewives” and “The Young and the Restless,” grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, with three older sisters: Elizabeth Judina Longoria, Emily Blevins, and Esmeralda Josephina Traube. Elizabeth, the eldest, was born with an intellectual disability, profoundly influencing Eva’s charitable endeavors and teaching her significant lessons in compassion and humility. Despite their different paths, Eva and her sisters share a strong bond, with each sister playing a unique role in Eva’s life.


  1. Who is Elizabeth Judina Longoria?
    • Elizabeth Judina Longoria, often called Liza, is Eva Longoria’s eldest sister, born on October 11, 1966, in Corpus Christi, Texas. She was born with an intellectual disability, which significantly influenced Eva’s philanthropic work.
  2. How has Elizabeth Judina Longoria influenced Eva Longoria?
    • Elizabeth has inspired Eva Longoria’s philanthropic efforts and taught her compassion and humility. Eva frequently attributes her charitable work to the lessons learned from living with and supporting Elizabeth.
  3. What is a notable story about Elizabeth Judina Longoria?
    • A notable story about Elizabeth is when someone took her coat, and instead of being upset, she empathetically said, “Someone who probably been cold.” This incident exemplifies the compassion and understanding Elizabeth has imparted to her family.
  4. What do Eva Longoria’s sisters do?
    • Elizabeth Judina Longoria is known for her inspirational role in Eva’s life. Emily Blevins and Esmeralda Josephina Traube maintain relatively private lives but are integral parts of the close-knit Longoria family.
  5. Did Eva Longoria and her sisters grow up speaking Spanish?
    • Despite their Mexican heritage, Eva and her sisters were not taught Spanish as children. Eva learned Spanish as an adult, influenced by cultural pressures at the time emphasizing assimilation and minimizing accents.

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