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Christian Pulisic Girlfriend: Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Net Worth & More Details

Christian Pulisic Girlfriend

After keeping a low profile in the dating scene for a while, the forward managed to avoid much speculation. But all that changed in 2021 when sharp-eyed fans spotted him with a possible partner during an MLS game between Inter Miami and Orlando City.

Cameras zoomed in on someone sitting beside Pulisic, and that someone turned out to be Natalie Burkholder. Ever since that moment, rumors have been buzzing about their romantic connection with the USMNT International.

Who is Christian Pulisic?

Natalie Burkholder is a formidable force, balancing her commercial ventures, media management, and activism with ease. Her J.D. from Pepperdine Caruso School of Law gives her a considerable amount of legal knowledge.

When it comes to courtroom battles, Natalie is the one you want in your corner. She fearlessly tackles challenging business cases, delving into areas like subsequent revisions, social justice, security, and toxic exposure with unparalleled expertise.

And let’s not forget her prowess on the volleyball court! Natalie’s athleticism is truly remarkable. Whether she’s fighting for justice or spiking a ball, she always brings her absolute best.


NameChristian Pulisic
Height5 feet 10 inches
Nickname“Skipper America”, “LeBron James of Soccer”
FamilyNot much known, girlfriend: Natalie Burkholder, no information on parents or siblings
WifeNot married, in a relationship with Natalie Burkholder
SalaryPreviously £145,000 ($177,000) per week at Chelsea, estimated £37.5 million ($49 million) over five years
Net WorthNot publicly disclosed, likely under a million considering age and fame status
Current ClubTransitioning to Milan (as per reports)
EducationPepperdine Caruso School of Law (Natalie Burkholder)
AthleticismKnown for remarkable athleticism, significant prowess in volleyball
ResidenceMiami, Florida (Natalie Burkholder)
InterestsLegal knowledge, social justice, volleyball, trips to Italy and Hawaii (Natalie Burkholder)
MiscellaneousPulisic’s Croatian heritage evident by donning the Kovacic jersey, enjoys light-hearted comparisons to LeBron James

Christian Pulisic Age

Christian Pulisic is currently 23 years old.

Christian Pulisic Height

Pulisic proves that greatness isn’t measured in height, standing confidently at 5 feet 10 inches. It just goes to show that incredible talent can come in any form or stature.

Christian Pulisic Nickname

Pulisic has had a few memorable nicknames since his debut. A recognition for the notable Wonder superhuman, “Skipper America,” is among the most important. It’s critical to take note of that Pulisic’s partner in the public group, Gio Reyna, whose father Claudio Reyna used to go by this moniker.

But wait, there’s more! Pulisic also goes by another playful moniker: the “LeBron James of Soccer.” This nickname originated from a light-hearted comparison made on an episode of Pawn Stars, where they drew parallels between the Chelsea winger and the basketball legend.

Christian Pulisic Family

Natalie Burkholder is quite the mystery when it comes to her family life keeping it all tightly under wraps. From what little we can gather from her pictures though it seems she’s got a soft spot for her alma mater Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. After bidding farewell to the Buckeye state she found herself drawn to the sunny shores of Miami Florida where she’s happily planted her roots and now calls home sweet home.

Christian Pulisic Wife

Christian Pulisic is navigating his marital journey solo, but love’s embrace finds him in the form of his lovely girlfriend Natalie Burkholder. Their bond nurtured over time has blossomed into a romance that lights up their world.

In a snapshot from 2021 Pulisic’s donning of the Kovacic jersey hints at his Croatian roots sparking curiosity and conversation. Though merely whispers for now one can’t help but wonder if this power couple might one day exchange vows.

Christian Pulisic Salary

It’s been reported that during his time at Chelsea, Pulisic was pulling in around £145,000 ($177,000) each week, ever since he made the switch from Borussia Dortmund. That translated to roughly £7.5 million ($9.1 million) annually from his club contract. So, his five-year tenure with the Blues was estimated to be worth an impressive £37.5 million ($49 million) in total.

However as he gets about to sign with Milan Pulisic’s pay will now likely go down. According to reports he’ll be making about $85,000 a week which is a big decrease from his Chelsea days. It appears that he values his passion for the game more than his income.

Christian Pulisic Net Worth

There isn’t an exact figure for her net worth, but it’s probably not over a million bucks given her age and not-so-famous status. Still, she seems to live pretty comfortably, judging by her Insta snaps of trips to Italy and Hawaii.


Christian Pulisic, often dubbed the “LeBron James of Soccer” and “Skipper America,” is a prominent figure in the world of football. At 23 years old and standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall, he has made a significant impact both on and off the field. While his net worth remains undisclosed, he has garnered considerable attention for his talent and achievements.

In 2021, Pulisic’s romantic life came into focus when he was spotted with Natalie Burkholder, a multifaceted individual with a background in law and a passion for activism and athletics. Despite keeping details about her family life private, Burkholder’s relationship with Pulisic has sparked interest among fans and media alike.

Pulisic’s career trajectory includes stints at clubs like Chelsea and a reported transition to Milan. While his salary may fluctuate with club transfers, his dedication to the sport remains unwavering. Despite the uncertainties of his future earnings, Pulisic continues to prioritize his passion for soccer.


Who is Christian Pulisic?

Christian Pulisic is a 23-year-old professional soccer player known for his remarkable talent on the field. He has earned nicknames such as “Skipper America” and the “LeBron James of Soccer” for his skills and achievements.

Who is Natalie Burkholder?

Natalie Burkholder is Pulisic’s girlfriend, known for her diverse interests and achievements. With a background in law from Pepperdine Caruso School of Law, she is also involved in activism and athletics, particularly volleyball.

What is Christian Pulisic’s salary and net worth?

Pulisic’s salary reportedly reached £145,000 ($177,000) per week during his time at Chelsea, with an estimated total contract value of £37.5 million ($49 million) over five years. His net worth remains undisclosed, but he leads a comfortable lifestyle, as evidenced by his frequent travels.

Where does Christian Pulisic currently reside?

While specific details about Pulisic’s residence are not provided, it is mentioned that Natalie Burkholder resides in Miami, Florida, which might suggest that Pulisic also resides there or spends time there due to their relationship.

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